Whytecliffe Road South, Purley, Surrey CR8

The proposals offer the opportunity to achieve a high quality urban development which can contribute to the aspirations for the area set out within the Purley Regeneration Plan. They consist of 72 residential units + a commercial unit set around a newly formed courtyard

The design strategy effectively divides development across the site into 3 distinct elements. These are:
- 2 + 3 storey perimeter development to the rear of the site that is principally inward looking + single aspect + designed to preserve + enhance the amenity of adjacent development;
- High density flatted development to the front of the site that goes up to 6 storeys (with ground floor set beneath pavement level)
- Central open space + courtyard

The character of the area is defined by large scale development side by side with domestic scale development. The layout + siting of the new development into two distinct physical elements allows the proposals to respect the differing contexts + existing built patterns at the front + rear of the site. This allows for an internal well defined enclosed space within the heart of the site + a sense of permeability from the street into the site centre + allows the proposals to compliment the surrounding building forms.

Additionally, the separation of blocks allows for good daylight + sunlight to penetrate into the central amenity space between buildings optimising the opportunity for solar gain + allowing for good visual surveillance + security through a contained development + a safe + secure environment to the rear of neighbouring properties.