Allied House, Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware, HA8

The proposals are for a redevelopment of a site to include the demolition of the existing building + replacement with a 5 + part 6 storey structure for a mixed use development. It will contain retail accommodation on the ground floor with the potential for mezzanine level; basement car parking; residential flats on upper floors with amenity space at deck level + at the roof.

The proposals are for a mixed use development with 73 flats provided in 2 T-shaped separate blocks. This allows for a physical break in development across the width of the site as well as between the development + the proposed development on the adjacent Theoco site.

The blocks are stepped back Ziggurat style adjacent to the gaps in development in order to provide for an increased sense of space between the blocks. The internal disposition of residential units has been designed to provide the maximum amount of units with dual aspect + to optimise solar access.

The design strategy is providing massing to the key south east corner that corresponds in terms of height + proportion to that of the Grade 2 listed building effectively creating an architectural dialogue + a counterpoint to the listed building in terms of townscape.