Wenlock Street, Hoxton N1

The site, approximately 502m2, is currently occupied by a former depot structure footprint, situated within an area that is almost exclusively made up of large scale council housing estates.

The proposals are based on a cruciform design in order to present narrowed flank walls in all directions, i.e. picking up on the end walls of all the surrounding properties. At the same time the proposals vary in height from 4 storeys to the west, 5 storeys to the north + east + with a narrowed 6 storey element orientated north/south.

The accommodation has been designed to avoid any direct overlooking + whilst there are windows facing onto Wenlock Street these are across the public highway, limited in number + in most cases either at high level or oblique.

The proposals are for 22 units with private amenity in the form of balconies or terraces + dual/ twin aspects.