Conservative Club, Eleanor Cross Road, Walthham Cross, EN8

The proposals were initially for a building of 7 full storeys with a set back 8th storey. They involve 62 residential units above the Conservative Club accommodation at the first floor.

500 local people are members of the Club, many of whom regularly use the premises for both political + social events. Also a number of local community projects are given access to this Club.

These proposals are being put forward to provide a new club on this site in order to replace the present building which is in a poor state of repair + which no longer meets the operational requirements of the current site owners. More appropriate range of accommodation will be provided to include families + to make the building accessible for those with disabilities.

The proposals have been designed in such a way that a phased development can take place that allows for the continued operation of the Conservative Club whilst providing a new, self financing + up to date facility.